Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Old Cartoons

Actually, I'm thinking of timeless cartoons (My birthday is popping up soon.).

I will pass down to my future grandchildren a love for such as Bugs Bunny and his cohorts, Popeye, the Hanna-Barbera gang and others.

To me, old is best.

Those toons are not just timeless, they had meaning. Deeper and more personal than they might seem to some. They were satires of human nature, propaganda during war, and how we just might win against adversity.

Confident assured Bugs. Myopic Elmer. Switch baiting Daffy. Genius Wyle E. Coyote.

Soon to be proven what they claim or not -s-.

My favorite might be when Wyle comes to Bugs 'door' and presents his card and announces "I am Wyle E. Coyote, Genius'.

The amused Bugs sets to and eventually Wyle succumbs. He comes to Bugs' door and presents himself 'My name is mud.' He collapses.

The same for Wyle E. and the Road Runner.

No matter what device nor plan, RR screws WE up hehehe.

One of the most amusing pieces is the 'drag' stuff between Bugs and Elmer.

Set to opera, we have the 'Marriage of Figaro' and Wagner aka 'Brunhilde' etc set to artfully done comedy.

Surmise for yourself what the drag stuff means.

I see it as parody of not just the surface opera, but a way to get a point across.

That point might just be 'screw the system' and think for yourself.

There are those who 'think' they are 'geniuses'. It is our duty to show them they are not.

Love the bit where WyleE comes to Bugs' door and shows him as he announces that he is 'Wyle E. Coyote, Genius'.

Bugs smiles and a war of wills and skills ensues, with Bugs winning.

At the end Wyle E shows up and declares, 'My name is Mud.'

I suggest anyone who wishes to win Restortion back studies these old cartoons.

There is a 'message in the ravioli'.

In spite of all the machinations of those who would be our masters, we can outwit them.

In spite of all the 'acme' tech, we can circumspect them.

'Ain't I a stinka....?

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teacher said...

I understannd what you are saying.

Never seen circumspect used as a verb -s-.