Friday, October 2, 2009


Great way to start posting this month. Trick or treat is coming.

My son and I were talking about Zombieland which starts this month. It's a comedy about a group of people making their way across the US after a 'zombie holocaust' has devastated it. I commented that there has been a pletora of major market zombie flicks for several years now, whereas before there was one every now and then. My son's observation is noteworthy.

He replied that we were bereft of enemies. We need something to fight, and, with no specific enemies, zombies are filling a fictional gap because the public needs something to oppose.

Of course we have enemies that are quite real. Radical Islamists come to mind. But they are often made to be a vague conglob. There is little to put one's finger on. And they are the major excuse via terrorism, for destroying our rights at an unprecedented level.

There are enemies that are more specific. Those would be the collectivists/liberals who chip away our rights, while many just grumble. That makes us our own worst enemies.

We are made to chase our tails and compromise our rights away. I refuse to do so. Such is the way of what is now known as 3 percenters aka threepers.

Zombie stories can be entertaining, but they can get you to thinking.

Obviously they are impossible (Far as I know -s-.). But as my son said, they objectify 'enemy'. I find the message in the ravioli to be 'what ifs'.

There is the 'survivalist' aspect that is most appealing. Tough odds, vastly outnumbered, fighting for life. These are very real, for it is what we face. No zombies (except for the mindless libs etc spouting there tired slogans), our enemies are those who destroy our Republic. If all else fails, we will find ourselves in the fight of our lives and most certainly the greatest war in our history.

Now the mindless aspect is the mind numbing fiction and the games that replace reality and truth for so many.

My son enjoys games and zombie flicks etc. But he knows reality from fantasy. His life is multifacted and quite varied as to thought level. He puts down the keyboard and picks up his guns, knowledge and gift for communication.

As for me, I dig the movies, but am not into gaming at all. Maybe it's generational lol. I see the zombie stuff as opportunities to think as well as relax and get away from the world for a couple hours.

I know there are those who go to movies as they do sporting events to retreat and turn off. They don't go beyond that.

As for me, I always look for multitextured meanings. Where there is none, I don't try to invent any.

So have some fun in 'Zombieland' etc. Then face the real monsters who seek to enslave us, to make us mindless 'zombies' or drones for the collective.

Don't be scared of the living dead.

Be ready to fight them on all levels in all ways.


kava said...

Is your son still intent on the Marine Corp and piloting?

Mike H said...


Mike H said...

I have an idea for a zombie flick that I might do under the BurlyRose banner. I'm not revealing it, but it should be a little unique, I hope.

teacher said...

Reminds me of that zombie joke involving Bob Hope.

I'd include Republicans and quite a few others who blindly shuffle.