Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Guarantees

I've heard the whiny singsong that there are no guarantees in life.


Probably if you sit on you a$$ and wait for salvation, payment, reward, position etc and fill in the blank (including bills paid -s-), you aint gonna breathe long, if holding your breath. No risk no gain.

Now, as for guarantees, there's the rub.

I have seen so many set their sites low, expectations set adrift in dreamland, without a plan, and have seen them fail.

They make a 'plan' and never stick to it.

Or they give themselves one chance, and failing, give up. Well, they moan, I tried......

And the excuses. The predominant one is a vague 'well, they don't like me/they don't think like I do', etc. Anything you can dream up is sufficient. It usually doesn't tally with the reality that the applicant is neither prepared nor has a realistic conception of the requirements for whatever goal is desired. There is only some wispy notion that there is a job as: again fill in the blank.

There is a guarantee for these people. They will never succeed. They will dwell in mediocrity and be so far gone, they will fight to remain so.

There is a guarantee for those of us who dare, for all who seek to do beyond the norm, over and above. That guarantee is a CHANCE to prosper, to regain Freedom, and yes (Knew I'd get to this huh?), rebuild the Republic.

Can we fail? Did the Founders? How do you measure success? Then and now?

We have the resolve. We have the facts. We have the means. And if we die, we will have tried.

Lost? Only if we fail to teach the kids.

The guarantee is an unquenchable fire that will rekindle the Republic.


teacher said...

One fails only if one doesn't try.

And if at first you don't succeed, try try again.....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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