Tuesday, October 6, 2009

B Day

Another milestone. How old is immaterial. Actors and ladies don't reveal their ages lol.

A time for reflection. The past visits for the day.

Many I care about are gone, never forgotten. I miss them. But, I'm NOT ready to join them yet -s-. There is a lot to live for.

I hope to be around as my kids rise up and take their places as decent honest Americans, as they continue what we may well have started.

I hope to make my mark as a writer/actor and produce pieces that reflect the Light of Freedom (And have some fun singing and doing some stage work).

All this, and my memories of past birthdays.

A boat cake at 3, brought in by my Dad, who took the day off. A party catered by Mom's nonpareil cooking topped off by a long capgun fight in the dark with my big brother. He had nudged me and showed me the disc caps for the top break guns. That went on til Dad broke it up! A kiss on the cheek from my cousin Rita, a three year old redhaired fatale lol. My Sis had gotten me a toy rubber green tractor at the neighborhood drugstore. Kinda anticlimatic, but I wanted to include her -s-. She was 13 and my bro 10. This was the effort they made then as a family to make it a happy day.

There have been many more and maybe I'll chronicle them in a book someday. Including this birthday today.

Very quiet. Steaks, chocolate cake, and movies. A cigar and whiskey with my son.

That's it. I like to keep it simple.

I'm so very fortunate to have had these experiences. So many are robbed of such. I thank God for them and hope for the future.

If I'm allowed to remain a while, I hope I make use of the time.

Not just for birthdays but for this country. I promise to use my time to help bring back the Republic.

I will remember the many who have already sacrificed all.

And whenever my time here is up, so be it.

The kids and theirs can remember and continue.

We will celebrate the rebirth of Freedom in the Republic in this world and the next.


teacher said...

You are a fortunate boy. And whatmore, you are grateful.

kava said...

Many belated happy returns.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! Good to know I share mine with a fellow freedom lover.