Friday, October 2, 2009


It's hard to do sometimes. Just now, I remonstrated our dog, Steve, for chewing himself.

We're treating him for dry scalp, arthritis and allergies. We need to keep him from chewing himself raw and thus risk infection. Plus, he seems to be suffering from doggy Alzheimers. It's sad to see him get so dim. Better than the 'selective memory' of the libs.

Many can't seem to stop drinking, smoking (fill in the blank), etc. And yes, there are compulsive masturbators. No I'm not -s-. And some of those masturbators are the pundits of collectivism. They do indeed salivate at their own words and have a self love affair. Hmmm, sounds like Hollyweird.....

There are all sorts of things that are hard to stop, for many different reasons. Quite a few have to 'hit bottom' as it were. Something, usually tragic, has to happen that will unquestioningly make a person stop and take charge. And that often means putting oneself in another's hands for many problems. It does not always have to be so. There is a problem. It must stop. Easy? Again, it depends. Eventually, even with others' help you must help yourself.

I'm thinking of the disfunctional 'merry-go-round' that can keep people enslaved for ages. The spinning, dizzying circle that never ends. The same old same old.

The familiar can be comforting or can be stultifying. When people get stuck riding the merry-go-round, they are caught in a disfunctional cycle. Afraid to stop, they find weird comfort in sameness, though it is destructive. At least, they 'know it'. Familiarity breeds self-contempt.


Get off!

What it will take depends on you.

But, once you are off, you can experience watching that which entranced you to do nothing. Learn from it. See what made you so circular.

What ever keeps you from doing and being should be looked at. So then, it will not happen again.

Remember, that which is then beneath you will try to pull you down again. Misery loves company. Rise above it and be free.

Getting off and watching is not enough. We must learn not to keep watching it spin. A trap in itself.

Once gone, turn to the light of a new day and do what you know is right.

How else will Freedom be reborn?


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