Friday, October 2, 2009

Only Two

Most Chuck Norris flicks aren't memorable for catch phrases, at least for me. There is one in Delta Force that rang a bell though.

A plane is hijacked by a pair of Islamic terrorists. Among other things, they round up any Jewish males onboard.

Shelly Winters plays the wife of one. As he is led away, she shouts, 'There are only two! Help him! What's wrong with you? Why won't you stop them? There are only two! It's just like the Holocaust!'.

The situation becomes more complicated after that. It would have been better to have stopped these two guys. Then of course, Chuck wouldn't have had much to do huh?

Sure, the baddies might have been some kind of spec ops. Or not. But there were so many people on board, why couldn't they have 'ganged up'?

The obvious answer is that it was a movie and the plot had to play out. OK.

But, this is an interesting premise. What if they resisted? Short movie lol.

The risk is that some would get killed or at least wounded. That could play on the minds of many in a real situation. That might be thinking too much.

On the other hand, thinking too little just aint good either.

Sometimes, you just have to go for it, come what may.

Didn't the Founders do that?

Mind you after much 'consideration' they did what they had to do to fight for Freedom.

That consideration weighed the 'fors and agains', the injustices that at the time were egregious (One wonders what they would think now. The past slights are much milder than now. But that is not the point. Slavery is slavery.).

The 'shtetl' mentality. The small village way of life that dictated compliance lest they be wiped out. Hmmm.

There is an article by Eric King that addresses this mindset.

The fear is that if one defends oneself against a few, then more will come and annihilate .

What this fails to take into consideration is if you take out the initial group, then you prepare to take on the rest.

You must have a total commitment to defense.

The greater the challenge, the more ingrained and entrenched we must be.

Entrenched or mobile.


Tosh said...

There is that thought that if the Jews had kept their guns or acquired more, that nazis would be a footnote in history.

What we do now is going to speak out for at least a hundred years.

Anonymous said...

Then there's the other philosophy of fighting back, that if you take out the initial group, the rest (being usually bullies, cowards, and looking for easier pickings) will go away and leave you alone.

But if on the off-chance they DO come back (Seven Samuri), there are now less of them, and you are more experienced and in a much better position to finish off the rest.

Will there be losses? Yes, always. This is the most difficult lesson of command. There will be losses. Can you minimize those losses? To an extent.

But if you just "roll over" and plead for mercy, what are your chances of successfully defending yourself and getting rid of the bad guys (plural)? NONE! What are your losses? MAXIMUM!

Better to face the bullet on your feet, then on your knees.

B Woodman