Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Let's face it. If it weren't for our ancestors, we wouldn't be here.

Particularly, if it hadn't been for those 3pers of old, spurred by the Founding Fathers we wouldn't be here-free.

Now, as then, we must watch out for those sly dogs who whisper sweet nothings and bribe with entitlements and other empty promises, like 'suitors' who proclaim 'love' when all they want is to get into our pants and/or gigolo us (We've been ****** enough.).

The Candyman may bring drugs as well as sweet words to bribe away Freedom. What better way to assist conquering a people than to make them sick and dependent.
Beware the bright lights and the drugsoaked entitlement/give away chacha.

Why am I bothering to say the 'broken record' obvious? Partly because it's my birthday and sometimes the obvious needs to be said, lest many who remain blind and deaf or razzle dazzled by the Candyman don't have every chance to learn.

Never pass up an opportunity to refute and expose the Candyman.

To those who have ears, may they hear (Forgive a Biblical paraphrase.).

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teacher said...

You have a singular talent for pointing out the obvious.

I agree that sometimes the same old and such can be in need of restatement.

You manage to do it without beating a dead horse -s-.