Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I sit writing this listening to Loreena McKennitt. It touches my Celtic heritage and calms me.

BTW, I don't know a thing about her beliefs, political nor otherwise. Don't care. I like the music. It comforts me.


To give strength and hope as well as console.

To give purpose, not excuses.

Such as comfort foods. Great stuff. Like almond paste coffee cake!

It's nice to have a snack. Relax and kick back. Take a break.

It's not nice to hide in food, til it becomes a poison. Whether it's fat or bad cholesterol, that's a bad payment for 'pleasure.

It's as self destructive as booze, smack etc. Same can be said for overspending.

I see examples of this stuff all around me. It's sickening.

Do I have sympathy for those who slowly kill themselves? Sure. Provided they learn to help themselves, take responsibility for themselves.

We should take great liking to our creature comforts. They make life livable. Favorite music, food, etc. are terrific relief. There is another factor however.

What if they are taken away or severely limited.

Memories help in time of privation. But that's not all. We should learn to make do.

It's amazing how we can get by with little. It's the simple things.

The reason is simple. If we want to restore the Republic, live in Freedom, we know there is a price to pay.

That price may be forfeiture of all we have up to and including our lives.

It comforts me to know we are ready.


Holden McGroin said...

Join me in a cigar and a whiskey tonight!

Mike H said...

Wondered when you'd show up. Sure thing!