Friday, October 2, 2009

Pipe Dreams

Kids love to imagine the future. That's one reason they play pretend. They play house, doctor and otherwise imitate adults (And yes for curiosity as well.).

'When I grow up, I'm gonna be do say etc'. It's how we nurture those dreams that set the stage for a real future, instead of lifelong pretend, or pipe dreams.

I've always encouraged our kids to do and be what they want. There has always been an open dialog about needs and wants, fears and desires.

On the other hand, there are those who never receive such mentoring. They go on their merry way, blundering like headless chickens, til they further damage themselves and frequently others.

They are mushy, palpable masses of suet instead of sinew. They are never given vision, nor allowed to develop it. Rather, they escape into self absorption and rationalize all their mistakes.

Others are responsible for their problems. They didn't do it. If caught in some mess (later crimes), they say they are 'sorry'. Of course, they are only sorry they were caught.

What's pathetic beyond these proto liberals, is the system of enablement they get. More myopia begets more myopia.

Instead, dare to dream. Don't give up. Dreams based in reality will succeed, if cared for and drawn out. I dare to dream of making the Republic whole again.

Dreams can come true.

Our kids will see to it after we're gone.


kava said...

A dream is a wish your heart makes.....

Big Burt said...

There are those who say we 3pers etc are pipe dreaming.

It's either those who overtly want to enslave is, or softies like prags etc, who seeminly unknowingly collaborate with them.

Mike H said...

Not so unknowingly sometimes vis a vis NRA etal.