Saturday, October 9, 2010


My Dad would have been 99 on October 9th.

I think of him every day.

I almost could leave it at that. But even though it's been years since he crossed over, and I know he's ok, I still miss him.

That may be true for most of us. We miss the face to face, the touch. I wish I could have a beer and cigar with him. Yet the other night my son and I did so. Life goes on.

And of course, It's more than a beer and cigar. It's being with someone I love and respect. Someone I learned from and wished I could have learned more from.

No one can take his place. Yet, I am not lost in loneliness. It's because I had my Dad around that I'm not.

There are folks who have suffered greater loss, some not even knowing their parents. Casualties of war and disease have taken their toll. Maybe that's why I'm here with my kids. I've been allowed to take part in their lives and from what they tell me meaningfully. I will be forever grateful for that.

I cherish every moment, even the pain of the long haul and the teenage angst -s-.

Don't know about making it to 99, but I will live til I die.

It's all I can ask for.


kava said...

Good words. Await you in CA.

Max said...

Thought you were going to express admiration for Barbara Feldon.

Mike H said...

Barbara Feldon is a beautiful, talented actress. She also certainly inspired my heterosexuality among other ladies, as a lad.
That voice........

Anonymous said...

Toto 99: