Friday, October 1, 2010

Fear Is The Key

Let's kick off the Month of October with fear -s-.

It's Halloween month and Autumn gets rolling now.

It's my birth month, but I'm not scared of getting older lol.

I'm only afraid of not doing something.

I've spoken many times here and elsewhere about how fear can paralyze us. And I may well wear the frequent 'captain obvious' hat or the broken record baton. But, I cannot emphasize enough how we must NOT stop. He who hesitates is lost indeed.

And it is not just fear of dying that can stop us. It is fear of failure. I know this firsthand, having my share of failure and success, both personally and professionally.

But I know after all this time that if we do nothing, then nothing will happen. Or a great deal will happen. And that great deal would be our doom, as a nation, as people and maybe even our souls.

Tell ya what I'm gonna do. I'm going to meet my goals personally, professionally and in service to our country by helping to Restore the Republic.

Combat vets have told me that courage/heroism is meeting fear and going through it, doing their duty, all without music or fanfare.

I will do my duty no matter the cost, come hell or high water.

Fear is the key.

Let's turn the key, open the door and enter into everything.

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scubado said...

Learn to tread water.