Thursday, October 7, 2010

Train Whistle

The sound of the train whistle, especially at night means so much to me.

It is not a hollow sound, maybe a little lonely. But it is the sound that signals we are not actually alone, that we push on in the dark, in the quiet.

The whistle, all alone, declares that it's on it's way. It conversely makes it less lonely, at least it did for me as a kid listening in the otherwise quiet dark.

It always seemed brave to me, that in the night, there was this sound like a silver sword cutting dark threads. I could imagine the boogey man shrinking and cringing in fear and repulsion.

It's said that the sound of church bells repells the demonic. I think so. Music can be a powerful defense and of course gives us so much pleasure. It liberates and strengthens.

That train whistle is music to my ears still.

It never fails to calm and comfort even now. It is also a call to go forth into the dark and bring light.

Be that as it may, I'll leave it to whomever reads this to figure out what kind of light and how much.

Whistle blow, call me in the night
Feed me with might that I will not take flight
Til the cockrel crows bringing me to morning


teacher said...

'Silver sword.... Into alliterations lately eh?

Mike H said...

LOL! Better than what I had originally. That was like a moaning toot lol.

Reminds me though of what Martin Luther told his baby son, Hans, as he walked with him in his arms.
'If all else fails to repel the Devil, turn your backside to him and let go a rip roaring fart.' Earthy was Dr. Luther.