Thursday, October 21, 2010


Facebook, that phenominon of and for socialization.

Its seems to be anything from a high school social club to a drop off pick up for intel and info.

The whole concept of friends takes on about any nuance conceiveable. It's like a town online.

Supposedly Facebook is for friends family and whatever else spawns from that, to communicate and keep in touch. Good idea. It's the only reason I'm a member.

Some join to either engender business or keep up with associates. I have a couple of industry people I can message. It would have been neat to do that with McGoohan and Wise. I might do so with some others later, though most people in the biz I contact through phone and email.

I undeerstand some have gotten addicted to Facebook. I suppose someone could be conditioned to expect anything. Addiction is too big a topic for here. I'll wait til I go back and get my Ph.D in Clinical Psych then add to my experiences.

Some people have a very open personal policy about allowing friends. Some seem to give just about anyone the green light.

One such just got out of a psychopath stalking her. I have been stalked myself and it's no fun. Maybe she should be more careful, Then again, someone could turn out to be a psycho/bitch, what have you after having them on your list for a while.

I'll keep it for messaging certain people. But I have no desire to see how many friends I can acquire.

My number of close fiends is quite small. I have acquaintances and people with whom I commisserate. Some are one or two topic 'friends'.

Then there are the folks who share my desire to restore the Republic. I may not 'know' them well, but that particular point is enough to bond us.

Now, some are very different than me in some personal ways. You know the drill. 'If we were all alike it would be pretty dull' etc.

Here's a bit of trivia: Sean Connery has 5,000 friends on Facebook. Great for him. Socialist antigun thoughts aside he is a damn fine actor. And those 5 thou must 'know' him in some capacity. OK

I have posed the question how well one might have to get to know somebody to be considered a friend on FB. Guess it depends.

That can be just like 'real' life.

And as for 'socialization' that's a term that can mean one thing or another.

For me and my kids too, it is defined as being able to meet people and communicate with them. We may agree disagree love hate be indifferent. But meeting and greeting remain essential no matter what.

For those who would be our masters it means living as a socialist drone. accepting the whole and vanquishing individuality. As well, it means recognizing a system that dehumanizes 'for the common good'.

The common good is from many, one not diversity nor from each-to each crapola.

So, maybe I'll see you on Facebook. Maybe not.

Be it light or heavy it is a way to get the word out about a host of things great and small.

All I ask of anyone is to be true to themselves and others.


ay yi spy said...

Gotta be a huge cover for intel delivery.

Cary Black said...

Whose watching you while you commisserate?