Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Dukes

A neat film produced and directed by Robert Davi.

It concerns a group of aging Italian doo wop singers who, after fame in the 60's, have declined considerably.

They are trying for a comeback. In the meantime two of them work at their aunt's restaurant.

Becoming increasingly desperate, they attempt a bungled half assed heist of what they think is gold. After this, things of course, look worse.

Then their aunt puts up her restaurant, which they get remodeled and they launch a comeback right at the place.

The liquor board is going to keep them closed, but the guys rally and find the strength to perform. Their aunt encourages them and takes care of the legal problem.

Soon the restaurant becomes a nostalgia palace and people wait in long lines to come in.

They overcome and win the day by persistence, working hard and clear focus on the task at hand.

For anybody who has zigged when they should have zagged, who has felt like throwing the towel in, who has had enough, it can teach you when you are at your last rope to tie a knot and hang on.

Good idea personally and with the situation nationally.

I like and respect Robert Davi even more.

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kava said...

It's never too late eh Michael?