Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mr. K

Mr. K was a quiet man. He owned his own business, a drugstore in the middle of an inner city neighborhood.

Perhaps if you happened into his store you would see a little white haired man, unassuming and going about his business. As he hands over your purchase, his sleeve might ride up on his wrist revealing the tattooed numbers. It was a reminder mostly to himself, 'nie wieder', never again.

He would never 'shove' this in your face. Neither would he try to hide it. He would never deny it nor would he stand for his adopted country to slide into fascism. Yet he was a quiet man, but action speaks louder than words.

He fought as best he could against complacency and an overwhelming herd mentality. For his efforts, he was captured and became an inmate at a death camp. He survived, escaped and learned the art of guerilla warfare. A quiet man became a quiet soldier.

Then, after the war, he decided to make the US his home instead of Israel. He supported his brothers and sisters there, but preferred to become a citizen here. He wanted to live in the Republic that did so much to help free the world.

Over the years as much as he supported his adopted land, he saw the frightening similarities to what happened in his native land.

He spoke out among his fellow Jews and saw a disturbing similarity in mindset to those who eventually were herded onto boxcars and exterminated. One significant reason for that was the confiscation of firearms, and the shtetl mindset of authority knowing best.

He was never harmed in his store. Many people loved him. But he was willing to protect himself and his property.

This mindset was what helped him escape and fight Nazis. He was prepared to once again do the same in his new home. He would make good his oath as a citizen of the US to protect and defend the constitution by keeping and bearing arms.

He was willing to do what had to be done as he had done before. It should shame those who knuckle under and are ignorant of history. As for those who hate us because we will defend ourselves and others, they are on their own.

I'm not always as quiet as Mr. K was. But I completely agree with him regarding 'nie wieder'.

How about you?


teacher said...

Obviously, he wasn't quiet after a point. It's perhaps a matter of how you define quiet. Also, many who have fought and or suffered are quiet. You wouldn't know right off of anything.

Mike H said...

Yes, teacher. Very true. Perhaps unassuming is another better word -s-.