Wednesday, October 13, 2010


There are a lot of em.

Political, popular, showbiz, there are lots of idealistic icons to look up to.

I don't have a lot. There are some in each category though.

Political could at least be covered in part by Jefferson and Jackson. There is that General St.Clair who is an ancestor. Not a great statesman nor officer, he served with honor and stood to lose all ie hanging like the rest of the Founders well known and not. He counted many of the better known Founders as friends.

Jackson and Davy Crockett would be included. Interestingly they fell out re an issue concerning Indians. However they were fearless leaders in the true sense and Crockett in particular is an example for me of what to be today in our troubled times. 'Be sure you're right, then go ahead' was a term he lived and died by. I will do no less.

Many of the Freedom fighters in the Texas Revolution were and are examples today. Travis, Bowie and the aforementioned Crockett, as well as Houston come to mind. I'd daresay the defenders of the Alamo in general and many others whose names might never be known we must hold in high regard.

On down the line there is Crazy Horse and several other Indians who fought for Freedom. The Indian Wars have always been carted out aside from slavery, to show how horrible we white folks are and how our history is full of imperialistic trash or some other commie bs. Oh, yeah, I'm part Indian. Not just fashionably but several tribes on both sides of my family and for that matter on both sides of my kids' family and an adoption too.

I've written about red and white before, so suffice it to say that there were mistakes made by many on both 'sides' (Aka another ploy to divide and conquer/control).

As far as popular idols go, I guess I'd have to include anyone ever who supported and defended Freedom in the States and those inspired elsewhere to do so. That saves as lot of space -s-. Included would also be friends like Bob Schluep, the guy who taught me to housepaint, Mr. Meek, my World History teacher in HS and Mr. Wendling, who taught me Russian and German. These guys, among others, gave me a lot to live with and by.

Also, my Dad, Brother and Great Grandmother who were there for me and still really are as it were.

As for show biz folks, I just don't get the big deal about Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or Marlon Brando. Give me Susan Hayward, Steve McQueen and john Wayne any day. Plenty of others as far as acting and singing go too.

But that's it in a nutshell.

And they are not worshipped, merely admired and many beloved.

So, they are not really idols, but examples.

And I guess I do have a lot. At least in that popular category of people who do their duty to and for Freedom.


teacher said...

Good teachers are worth their weight in gold.

Mike H said...

They are that -s-.