Monday, December 6, 2010


What it really means.

Words have lost meaning or gained. They have been deemphasized and overdone.

As collectivists strive to rewrite the matrix of the Republic til it is no longer one, words always play a great part. How and when they are used.

Here's the straight dope on apology

It has become an instrument to admit error as when the prof apologized after using the word niggardly. It is a means to be pc and kowtow to whatever loonie leftie crappola flavors the day.

It can be used that way. But it also has more meaning.

Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformationist, 'apologized' to Rome. He didn't use the aforementioned method. He merely made clear what he was saying re faith etc.

Must have been quite a surprise when he defended his stand and then let the interp of Scripture stand for itself.

Mike Vanderboegh, David Codrea and the now sadly deceased Aaron Zelman (still tough to take), have been apologists for Second Amendment rights. Of course they delineated the reasons we are Free and all that many of us know. If you happen on this and don't, then go toa search engine and type in there names. You'll see what apology is all about.

We needn't be sorry for our stand for Freedom.

We might have to make excuses though if we wait or stand by and do nothing.

And re Aaron Zelman. He had a way of getting people to think.

So, carry the torch. Your turn!


Sorry Didn't Do It said...

So apologize already!

Mike H said...

I just did!