Sunday, December 26, 2010

Magnum P.I.

One of my favorite shows.

And this 'action-adventure' program is much more than it seems.

It ran eight years and was the proverbial perennial favorite. So much so that when it was apparently over at the end of season seven, with Magnum presumably dead, walking into the light, fans clamored and they came back to tie up loose ends. It wasn't slapdash either. They did a bangup job. There were conclusions but still enough questions to leave room for a movie etc.

Magnum was living a teen boys fantasy. He worked when he wanted, had a seemingly endless supply of beer and babes and lived on an estate at the invitation of its owner as a 'security consultant'.

As I said, there was more to it than that.

He was a Vietnam vet, former specops and Naval Intel, as well as a graduate of the Naval Academy.

His and his friends portrayals of Nam vets gives this show a big thumbs up. Instead of the obsessed or crazy war vet, we see caring human personalities emerge who try honestly to cope with their experiences.

Part of his reasom for being where he was amounted to a need to get away and think about his life. He wanted to have fun, something he hadn't allowed himself for years.

Though he had resigned he was called back several times to work intel and his war buds Rick and TC helped. Often at odds with the manager of Robin Masters' estate, Higgins, they formed a comeraderie over the years.

He thought he lost the love of his life, Michelle, whom he had married. In turn she had been married to a North Vietnamese general who turned out to be actually trying to free the people.

He had a daughter with Michelle named Lily who came to live with him at the end of the series.

Throughout the series, we see Magnum grow and mature at the same time as having fun. That's a neat trick that people should attempt more often. How often many of us get stuck and end up joyless or can become wastrels and totally deep six responsibility.

The acting is great from the company players and guests. It's like getting free lessons in how to act, write direct and produce a show.

I could go on but I suggest that for entertainment with a twist ie something to think about re human nature, check out Magnum.


teacher said...

If they don't get Selleck to play Magnum in the movie, forget it.

Mike H said...

They could easily update it. Admiral Magnum is retiring from Intel etc. The old team could return and either Reiko Aylsworth or Summer Glau could play Lily grown up.