Saturday, December 25, 2010


A much bandied word.

Unfaithful. Someone who is blind to faith. Faithless. And there are worse words -s-.

Used by both sides in the Crusades.

Before one uses the term one should look at oneself.

Otherwise, that is how Inquisitions start.

All religions can go to extremes, usually for pride and fear that someone else threatens a power base.

The socio-political replaces living faith. It becomes corrupt and inward, an inbred caricature, a nightmare cartoon.

You decide. Compare who is right.

The word today is bandied about by people who call good evil and evil good. Reveling in violance, they seem to have a blood god instead of a supposed god of compassion. Woe to those who shed the blood of innocents, willfully murdering.

Terrible things happen in war. Innocents do die even accidentally. Collateral damage, acceptable losses occur. that can be an excuse or the grim reality that war brings pain and death. War is hell.

But the willful murder such as terror bombing or shootings at schools, that is evil.

We'd better think twice about the cost of fighting. But remember that if we do not, the real infidels may win. Will win if we do not oppose them.

We do not go into war glorying in death, though it can be romanticized, thus taking the sting away.

Once committed, we must not stop til we are again Free.

There are indeed rough men who sacrifice much.

Remember Davy Crockett. Remember what he said.

'Be sure you're right, then go ahead.


kava said...

What price glory?

Anonymous said...

Yes, really.