Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hiding Behind

I'll never forget one particular New Year's Eve night.

The kid's Mom was out feeding the neighbor's dog, as they were away. She also was trying to comfort him because, being New Year's Eve, there were lots of booms, which sent ol Buzz into a panic.

The neighbors, one house down were whooping it up.

They happened to be illegals. We found this out through events that unfolded over a span of months.

Now illegal or not they had firearms. The man of the house, a capungo if there ever was one, looked at her and fired several rounds off in the air.

She didn't flinch and brought her 45 round and rested it on her front thigh.

His eyes got big, he blanched and hid behind his woman, then segued into the house.

The rest of the night was quiet at least there.

I loathe people who hide behind others either literally or figuratively.

Weasely, duplicitous and a host of other words of scorn come to mind. Think up some yourself -s-.

I've seen it in the form of a young guy who uses people. Particularly, without any positive male role models, he hides behind his aunt and mother. He lacks initiative and is not what he pretends to be. Sociopathy runs rampant.

Politicians often hide behind slogans instead of using them to provoke thought. They are all blow and no show.

Rather than take a stand, they and others rely on platitudes and waffle from pillar to post.

Most use scapegoats unless actually caught in a direct lie or compromise.

The time for hiding is over. The time for the masks to fall is here.

Let the chips fall where they may and stand up. There is no hiding for us. We must face will all candor the issues that destroy Freedom.

And for the hiding behinders, let's make sure we have a gun to defend ourselves for they may try to take us when our backs are turned.

Capungos indeed.

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Mike H said...

And yes I've known decent illegals who became citizens or who at least pay their way.