Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bill Of Rights Day

Hope it doesn't become just another national commemorative.

People brush aside Independence Day, usually calling it the 4th of July. They forget the reason for the fireworks.

Christmas has become a crapfest of gimme for many.

Even Halloween is greed for candy instead of a reminder of the night before All Saints' Day.

A certain amount of fun is healthy and many of the evolved customs do not hurt unless they are an end in themselves.

No matter your faith, no matter just about anything else, Bill of Rights Day is for All Americans .

It serves as a reminder about the restraint on government. It reminds those we hire that we are the boss.

Or it is ignored or at best is a chance for compromising posers to huff and puff out their chests to show they believe in 'fill in the blank'. Example: 'I believe and endorse the Second Amendment.' Then they qualify it.

Don't let Bill of Rights Day be anything but a reminder of Freedom and what the cost could well be again.

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