Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It's for your own good.

How often have we heard that in the last ten years or so, let alone a statement that has risen like a slimy monster from a primordial bog since before history.

Now the food nazis have risen in the wake of the smoke nazis and the grope and scope nazis at the airports.

It's true some things aren't good for you, at least in great quantities. But in a constitutional Republic, we have the right to determine those things for ourselves. Peopke should be encouraged to eat and drink right, exercise and in general take care of themselves.

No one has the right to tell us what to do. If we harm ourselves it is tragic. If we harm others that dfalls under the realm of 'your rights end at my nose' as it were.

The people allowed the DC government to legally prohibit alcohol sales and consumption. What an egregious unconstitutional and downright criminal act. then again the same renegades compromised our gun rights soon after with the NFA '34.

There is no stopping the juggernaut, unless we stop it.

Though Prohibition was repealed we still have to deal with the ridiculous fiat rules of the ATF and other agencies in the guise of acting for our own good.

How collectivist and how traitorous to usurp our self determination!

Take the time to peal back each onerous statute, expose it and go on to the next.

Strike them down and reestablish the Republic!

Otherwise, can civil war be far behind to remind the criminal element who runs this country?

All Prohibition did was cause organized crime to excel and as a result the NFA '34 and other enslavements such as regulation of distilling alcohol (none of the fed's business-I'd love to make a few gallons of squeezins -s-) were promulgated.

Unpromulgate or we will fire you!

We must act in our own best interests.

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teacher said...

They were great at creating a crisis as the swine in DC are still wont to do.