Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I used to play with a xylophone at a friend of my Grandpa's home.

I say play with rather than play because I didn't learn to use it as a musical instrument. I was merely interested in its noise.

Perhaps I actually tinkled out a tune once in a while, but I was mainly interested in the sounds.

My curiosity has always been peaked. I never have been one with blinders on.

I never shuffle head down like a beaten slave or fearful subject. I look around and look people right in the eye.

I was a little shy as a kid. I got over it. Had good role models there.

It's why I knew certain people in showbiz and am meeting more. It's why I have lobbied so to speak at the State House for the rights of noncustodial parents and the 2nd Amendment.

It's why I have stood up for myself and then later my kids, teaching them the very same thing.

No matter the slings and arrows, I keep on keeping on.

I'm learning the guitar now and I used to play the 'jew's harp'. Who knows. Maybe I'll actually play some tunes on the xylophone before it's over. -s-


teacher said...

Prolific rush of words at year's end!

Mike H said...

yes. Catch up is hell lol.