Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Century

If my Dad had lived, he would be 100 years old today.

I suppose that's not significant to anyone but me, but it is a focal point for reflection.

A century has passed since the birth of my Dad. A lot has happened to us individually and as a country and for that matter the world.

Depends on your view, but a lot can occur in a hundred years. I believe a lot can come down in even lesser time.

Plans are made, ops carried out. They can be very long range. They can have detours but lead back to a focus. These are made for weal or woe.

Naturally, weal and woe can mean something different depending on where you are at. In other words, a collectivist and a Restorationist have opposing stands, thus disappointment to one is frequently success to the other. Perhaps in miniscule ways and bit by bit.

And over a century a canvas or mosaic is laid out.

I'm here because of my Father biologically and also, to a degree, mentally and spiritually.

I am me because of many things. My Dad was the start as was his Dad and forebears, also mine.

Likewise, I am the start for my kids etc.

The next century already unfurls for weal or woe.

Happy birthday Dad.


teacher said...

All the best.

kava said...

A great man.

Mike H said...

Great not in the eyes of the world but in my eyes and perhaps a handful of others.
The eyes of a baby looked up. In the infant form was the fragility of humanity. In the eyes was seen its strength.