Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fear 2011

October is in many ways, my favorite month. My birthday on the sixth, the transitional weather especially when it's moderate and Halloween are three selling points for me.

Yep it's that month of spooks and scares aplenty. I may just stick a couple of short short stories here, though time is getting sparser and my writing is Hollyweird bound.

Fear rises in the changing wind.

What do you fear? There can be so many things.

Some people fear cops. And many cops fear guns.

That phobia has been done to death, pardon the sardonic pun.

Every day, you can see evidence that there are 'only ones' who are untrustworthy and dangerous. The Canton Ohio case is classic. This badged moke threatened to kill a permit holder. There is dispute about the case of course. The deparment is trying to cover its ass. But this cop has done this before. So he gets leave and or desk work with pay while the permit holder gets arrested as a public threat because he decides to sue for the improper conduct. They are still playing legal footsie with it.

Often permit holders are arrested and charged as a knee jerk reaction to cover the ass of cowards and bullies who have no business 'policing'. In Ohio the failure to inform scam is common.

Is it fear? Yes.

It is either fear of armed citizens (Civilian is a misleading word as the cops are merely civilians charged with a particular job to keep peace and more now to enforce laws of the state.) or more often, the fear of their bullying going public.

Well let's out em and show WE are not afraid of them.

Take care doing so as they may be trigger happy loons, unlike most who carry.

Check out the for Canton PD Notification Arrest and Officer Conduct. It's tragically graphic.

Take care all, for fear may give way to selfdefense and civil war.


teacher said...

I believe there are still cops on the side of Freedom.

Mike H said...

Yes. And time will out us all one way or another.