Monday, October 31, 2011

The Hungry House

I could call this 'time and tide' lol. Actually priorities have taken my time from here, so I've been 'redistributing the wealth of time'(bad joke).

This time of year, I have put some short short stories here, mostly dealing with spooky stuff. This year is no exception.

However, my time is increasingly taken up with efforts to make a living from my writing.

As usual, consider this place a doorway to the places you see on the right. I have not surrendered anything except some time. In the long run it's a good investment.

I hope you all are doing what you can to promote Restoration of the Republic. I will never stop that, even with a major move to Hollywood -s-.

Now the story that was to be here has undergone several alterations for the sake of creativity.

It's developed into an outline for a script for a proposed anthology series I'm working to get launched eventually.

Takes time. It took John Wayne at least 14 years to get his version of The Alamo to the screen. Considering he was a major movie star, that's still quite an achievement. I like to think I understand that at least a little, though I am far from Duke's position -s-.

This story has to do with a 'haunted house' gone bad with real horrors emerging. It's got some chops and I might use it as a calling card to get the series underway.

The analogies and metaphors abound. Even the title I've currently chosen could be applied to Congress and state and local governments lol.

Getting rid of the real monsters remains my priority as I hope it is for any who venture here.

Hooray for Hollywood.

We all have our work cut out for us, no matter where we are.

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