Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Next Three Days

How far would you go to help someone you love?

The Next Three Days deals with this and the legal what ifs concerning prosecution of an innocent person, the attempts to free her and the resulting desperate flight when the system fails.

The prosecuted woman had an altercation at work with her boss. Later the boss is mugged and killed. A series of coincidences follow and she is sent to prison based on circumstantial evidence. A button had popped off the muggers jacket, but it was never found. It's all very vague and leads the husband to put a plan together to free his wife.

A great deal of the flick shows how the husband goes about this. He consults a man who escaped from prison seven times. Theman advises him that the easiest part of an escape plan is the actual escape. Keeping free was the difficult part.

The husband plans and fails several times til he concocts a successful plan.

The plan entails false papers, a large amount of cash and a destination that would be more off the grid than many.

Some of it reminds me of Matt Bracken's details particularly in Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Of course, there are hairsbreath escapes and a certain amount of luck.

One of the detectives, after the husband, wife and their son successfully escapes, follows forensic instinct and returns to the scene of the original crime/murder.

He determines the path the torn button took and searches a storm drain. Not finding it, he leaves near the end of the picture. It's revealed that the button is on a ledge, buried in debris.

Interesting how circumstantial evidence is used to convict. Mind you, it's not the manufactured crap and unconstitutional rape happening with the F troopers and gods in black robes who mock true justice and have sent innocent people to prison in pursuit of a tyrannical agenda.

Once again, it points out there is truth and then there is legal truth. This is so for all the injustice dished out in courts.

As for what the husband does to free his wife, my original question remains.

How far would you go to help someone you love?

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