Monday, October 31, 2011


A view or contemplation of death.

This has nothing to do with William Cullen Bryant.

I'd say a worthy contemplation this spooky time of year (Though I write this later. I'm maintaining the original timeline.).

I'm not going to get into some deep discussion of life, death, life. I'll leave that to each person.

Beyond the now traditional onslaught of candy, there remains the roots of Halloween. Yes, there was Samhain (pronounced 'sowen') and the blood sacrifices associated with it. There were great bonfires set to keep the darkness back and celebrate the coming of dawn.

The beauty of words is you can use them in a wide variety of ways for a myriad expressions. It's a two edged sword. They can be used to manipulate or they can reach out to one's imagination. Bet the folks who happen by here know that.

So think about what scares you and let it go. Be observant though. But don't let it haunt you.

Have a blast with big words but be mindful of where and when. Teach. don't pontificate.

Like Halloween, time passes and dawn comes.

Life goes on.

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