Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Moving away from the law or its long arm or being an outlaw hasn't changed in ways.

I rewatched Robin Hood a little while back. That's the one with Russell Crowe.

Timeless are treachery and deceit, the meaningless promises of kings, politicians and other 'leaders'. Whether by 'divine right' or appointed, they let you down. And yes, the elected doofuses these days many times think they have some privileged presence.

Let's don't forget Ayn Rand's comment that laws are passed to the extent that we all eventually become criminals. It has happened and is increasing.

Wow, Captain Obvious speaks again. So much written and bandied about why should I even write this stuff? Because I can -s-.

We should all be able to do so. It is our right to express ourselves and criticize the gov etc.

Of course, we may stand the chance of getting the attention of said officials. If we irritate them enough they may label us persona non grata. Outlaw status may follow.

Worth it? Ask Robin Hood. Or query anyone today who is looked at askew because they point out the flaws of said leaders and gov.

According to the legend, they organized and fought a winning campaign against John and his minions.

Sound familiar? Just sayin....

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teacher said...

Speak out. The more the merrier son.