Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mike Vanderboegh

I start off the month with a word about this great man.

David Codrea has mentioned this before as have several others.

Mike could use some financial help. His expenditures are draining and his work for Freedom is tireless, putting him not only at risk of the thugs from the state, but his health has suffered.

Yet, he does not stop. He increases his output.

Along with David, he has brought the detestible ATF criminals to light with their embarrassing Gunwalker etc scheme. It has backfied largely from the efforts initially of Mssrs. Vanderboegh and Codrea along with brave whistleblowers inside the gov machine.

What extent are any of us willing to go to in order to Restore the Republic? How far will we go to expose the rot within?

Please, contact Mike and help him out whatever way you can, with whatever you can give.

If you honestly have no extra funds, spread the word and also make yourself a promise you will give when you can.

Go to Sipsey Street, the gateway you can see to the right here.

Let your conscience be your guide. Because we who care about Freedom have consciences.

And the time comes when saying must become doing.

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