Friday, September 30, 2011


It's a brutal story.

It is a tale of tyranny and Freedom.

The myth of the noble red man is blown, but a very human story of what's good and evil within us comes out.

The story centers on a young man, his pregnant wife and their son.

Their peaceful jungle life is destroyed by marauding slave traders who destroy his village, kill, rape the women and take the husband prisoner with several other villagers.

Keep in mind, these are all Indians, specifically Yucatec Mayans. As I said, it's not race, it's what lies in the heart. What's in the heart of the raiders is evil, decadent.

They arrive at the Mayan city and it is shown to be the depth of debauchery. Slavery is rampant complete with overindulgence in every sense of the word. This includes the ritualistic cutting out of hearts and beheadings of sacrifices to the gods.

Jaguar Paw, our husband etc, is finally led to escape and some of the baddies chase him. They are one by one offed by nature or Jaguar Paw who is now in his element.

He is triumphant and rescues his family.

They are at the coast when the view a seemingly miraculous sight. There are Spanish galleons anchored off the coast and rowboats are approaching with troops and a priest, bearing a large crucifix.

Jaguar Paw and his family retreat to the jungle to attempt a new life, but we know it will be futile with the advent of the white man.

All kinds of conclusions can be made regarding city vs country life and the beginning of Western European civilization encroaching.

The main theme to me is what is in the heart. It's that content of character thing.

I will leave that to each one who sees this thought provoking flick.

Please borrow from a library, rent or buy it.

It's worth your time.


teachers said...

Of endings and beginnings.

Mike H said...

Concerning criticism of how the Mayans were portrayed: I believe people do not like to be overly reminded of their monstrous pasts. We all suffer from such 'bad pasts'. As I said, the heart can be dark and we have all suffered through this. It's what we do as a result that counts. It is the content of our character.