Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moods And Changes

Anniversaries are important and can be for a myriad reasons.

Today's will stay burned in the memory of every American. At least it should be. Like Pearl Harbor, this was infamy.

I had a meeting in the afternoon in Illinois of all places and near Chicago to boot.

I noticed on the overpasses there were mostly firemen with flags and banners waving at traffic. We waved and I 'thumbs upped' them.

In the burb, it was quiet but most people were not melancholy. There might have been some who didn't care, but most seemed to be getting on with life.

How we remember any event is up to the individual though pulling together is obviously a good idea.

If I sound wishy washy, I'm not. Just reflecting what I saw.

There are those who are uncomfortable with 911 or any event.

They want the world to be a grand place and it's grander if they don't have to think about anything distasteful.

I'm not accusing anyone I saw of this. It's just a thought that occured to me.

Of course that attitude gave the nazis a green light to rape Europe and other collectivists the same advantage.

Oh yes. The changes.

They are famous now and the anticipation of them had Schumer dancing on the steps of the Capitol.

I need only say TSA, Patriot Act etc. to get the ball rolling.

So those who want our guns are of the same ilk.

Ignoring it does NOT make it go away.

My mood? Kick ass.

Change? Back into a Constitutional Republic.


teacher said...

Wishing won't make it go away.

kava said...

If wishes were horses we'd have a stable.

Mike H said...

OTOH, dreams and wishes can be the start. Feet on ground reaching for stars.