Monday, September 19, 2011

Flea Markets

Soooo boho chic girls how much is that peasant dress, plus accessories?

Wow, you can pay what for some, is a young fortune. You can buy knockoffs more cheaply. Or you can go for originals at flea markets/thrift stores.

You might be surprised how many 'nice' cars from the burbs dot the parking lots of these places. Bargains and especially in harder times, are where you find them.

I like the idea and practice of this kind of recycling. There are wonderful treasures, whether monetary or not, to be had at the markets.

I believe in getting the most bang for the buck. I have no problem paying for anything that is quality and I don't mind having a good sized wardrobe.

But, I have and will have more, practical wardrobe and equipment.

I needn't go into details. Just leave it at having things that give one an edge if circumstances get rough.

So, if you have it spend it. However, get back a dividend.

As for flea markets, etc, you never know what treasures may lie under the surface.

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henry said...

I have acquired many useful items culling the flea markets/thrift stores. A lot of what I need and a little of what I want.