Sunday, September 25, 2011


I feel like I've run a gauntlet.

Not the kind with tomahawks and warclubs. I feel like I've run between rows of people slapping me with big turkeys til I fall, then they gang up, pummeling me with those big wet birds.

Sheesh. There is so much to do these days in all facets of my life. Wonder not if I am still bent on helping in whatever way I can to Restore the Republic. I do what I can. Some is quieter and some will evolve to the forefront.

All the activity in my life has resulted in my feeling pulled this way and that. Well, I've taken a deep breath and gotten my bearings. I'm doing a pretty good job at budgeting time.

I've never been busier and it's increasing.

One side is serving the other and there are some things in store that I hope will benefit our quest for Freedom.

Far as the turkeys go, I'm not letting them get me down.

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teacher said...

Don't get gobbled son.