Thursday, September 1, 2011


Getting seen in Hollywood is paramount, pun intended. Just check out what tickets cost for courtside seating at Lakers games. You have to be rich to sit there. And the people and corporations who do are rich. Many of the actors etc seen courtside are there courtesy of agents, managers, studios etc.

I don't care for spectator sports much. I don't think they're bad, unless they are detracting or distracting from what is going on in this Republic. I just never dug hanging out in crowds.

I might go once in a while. Took the kids to a baseball game last summer. No guns allowed btw. Glad they don't wand, what with my backup gun snugly hidden. Don't know what they do at Staples Center. Probably a pretty good violation of rights to protect the big wigs. Maybe I can wangle an invite from one of them and get shown to the private entrance. They even have a hidden bar for halftime to avoid the hoi polloi. Is it because they are better than the people or is it to keep away from embarrassing autograph seekers? You decide -s-.

Far as I go, everybody puts their clothes on the same way etc. And no remarks about taking them off lol. My gauge is always the content of character.

I've been seen in the company of a large variety of people. You name it. Even some of those Freedom sucking tantrum ridden collectivists. There is something to learn from everyone. Remember Tsung Tzu -s-.

Visibility. It is a price to pay. folks in Hollyweird pay it all the time. Comes with the territory. Paparazzi follow some of them all day, just to get em going to the cleaners, gassing up, getting tickets, yoga class etc. A lot of folks are curious what celebrities do. trust me, they do most of the things most people do, just often with more money lol.

Hope they are grateful and thankful. Some are and some are not. Content of character again and laways shows up.

Visibility means showing yourself. Some of us prefer to stay in the background, to be invisible til there is a reason to show ourselves. Ok. Just know where you are at.

There is a need for some to be in the forefront and some in the background.

Just be visible when the time comes.


Range Rover said...

Drawing out the bad guys though it endangers, puts them where we want them.

Cary Black said...

It's the highwire.