Thursday, September 22, 2011


Mind your manners. Especially ala the Stooges dinnertime antics.

The Boys could always be relied upon to send up 'polite' society.

They were invariably out of their element and made up manners as they went along. Usually the etiquette was nonexistant and quickly devolved to a pie throwing and in one classic a creampuff tossing contest.

In one instance, the high society folks thought the Stooges were top shelf etiquette experts. They imitated their obviously skewed table manners.

There are always those who want to be different, better. That in and of itself is great. I like to stand out and certainly in my field of endeavor getting 'noticed' kinda helps you sell yourself.

Poking fun at pretentiousness was the Stooges name of the game. And thus lies the crux. There is nothing worse, said my Mom, than a thief and a liar. That behavior goes hand in hand. But what has that to do with the exaggerated characters in a Stooge short? Surely it was good natured fun poking at the foibles of the rich or the nouveau riche or those upper middle class who are seeking to 'make it big' and socially climb. I think it was.

In reality, there isn't anything wrong with that. Bettering oneself in whatever way one pleases is socially acceptable and more. It is American. Further, it is the way the world is supposed to be.

It's how we go about it. There is the 'rub'.

If your gain is built on lies and deceit, it's like a whited sepulchere. Not caring about who you hurt on any level is a crime especially morally, and I think spiritually. Legally? Well the courts have their own little world.

And I'm tired, incidentally, of people slamming the socalled rich. If you earn it or come by it honestly, more power to you. How you spend invest etc is your business. I would hope you would be responsible and if you decide to help others, it would be to help themselves. A lot of wealth could be lown and the hands would be grasping for more.

The Three Stooges will for a long time to come, lampoon certain behavioral trends, which, by the way, still exist. I'm going to always laugh at those whacked out guys.

As usual, I got to thinking about what was there and what was beyond, thus the missive I have just shared.

It's easier than some think to see through etiquette. I was taught manners and apply them as a matter of course.

Those who fake and have achieved through the expense of others cannot maintain the facade. They are often being called on the carpet now.

The unscrupulous try to hide behind the veil of civility. The sociopaths etc bank on society to do the right aka civil thing.

The time will come when civility will give way to justice.


teacher said...

Mistaken identity was a common theme as in real life eh?

Mike H said...

Pretending to be something you're not wended its way through the shorts.

teacher said...

Wasn't that Clinton?

Mike H said...

I'm switching to boxers.