Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Drug Over

I love getting away from it all. It might be a couple of days away from -fill in the blank-. I'll leave that up to you.

And I don't mind a drink or two or three to relax.

I've had some thought lately about drugs.

Going to LA brings the subject to mind. There are plenty out there.

Illegal, legal, it can take you on a trip.

Thrill rides are common in Hollywood

People are told how great they are and they start to believe it. They can do no wrong.

Some are convinced. Some have a nagging feeling they are not as perfect as they are led to believe

Whatever the reason, the more dough the more blow or whatever you dream up.

You'd better get a dose of reality instead of dosing up.

Once you blur, it drips away.

Self righteousness usually fails. Just saying it's bad won't make it go away. See what it does.

If you think this is too vague or namby pamby, think-think again.

Be healthy.. Get healthy.

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Decker said...

Just say no are just words.