Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lost And Found

I had a meeting Sunday in Forest Park Illinois.

Forest Park is a village ten miles west of downtown Chicago. Yes, Chicago, the bane of those who love Freedom.

First, let me say I love the toddlin' town. I sewed quite a few wild oats in the day and used to make trips with my Mom to go shopping on weekends. That, by the way, was common for folks in Indianapolis who of course had the means.

I had carefully mapped out on Mapquest itself a route from Indy to Illinois. I wrote down the particulars carefully.

The miles slipped by. We cheered firemen on the overpasses and chitchatted.

Got to what we thought was the approximate destination.

We were actuall near Park Forest. It was way south and west of Forest Park.

Next the time was spent flailing about in getting the destination right.

Dumass me had apparently transposed the name and was so occupied with writing research etc that I simply spaced out.

We got to where we were going barely in time.

By that time, the air had turned blue with my cussing myself out.

Yet we made it.

I don't mind admitting mistakes. That's one of the ways you learn along with asking.

We had a pretty good time and there was whiskey on hand -s-.

Moral of the story is simple. Don't go off half cocked. Check your bearings.

But, if you get lost, ask directions and cuss so you don't get an ulcer lol.

And have a bit of whiskey to take the edge off.

Just don't DUI.

Had a designated driver, my exwife!

Help comes from the funniest places j/k.

Actually it can and just be prepared for the unexpected!

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kava said...

Life takes turns. We turn with it or make a new path.