Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Someone on Facebook doesn't like me. Boohoo.

They have intimated I am a vulture. Apparently that's someone who gets some kind of thrill or boost by dropping dead people's names. Hmmmmm.

There is more, but you get the picture. Character assassination.

I'm very bad at pretentiousness. I don't kiss ass well. I say what I mean and mean what I say etc.

Afraid I encountered a passel of wannabes who try to surround themselves with 'important' people. I was introduced to an 'exclusive group' replete with certain celebrities. It was supposed to be a place where folks could safely let down their hair and talk about scripts and apparently other aspects of the biz. I knew it was crap.

I stuck around for a short time, noting the efforts to get me and other inductees to give up story ideas and scripts etc. It was a scam but also the people who had set up the room were the most controlling self important characters i've met on the net. Well certainly they were among that number.

You might think this is fantastic. Why would people go to that kind of trouble just to milk ideas. There are predators at all levels in show business. Just like any other walk of life, there are those seeking to take advantage of others.

There are lots of aspiring writers, as well as actors all around the country, even the world. In Losangeles alone, there are tens of thousands who seek fame, fortune and/or a chance to tell their stories.

A lot of them have no clue what to do. It takes time and patience. It takes getting to know others who could help.

Many have been bilked of ideas and money. I've had experience early on with controlling money sucking charlatans. My good friends Pat McGoohan and Bob Wise cautioned me and schooled me what to look for and to do if I encountered such scum. They both helped me save my bacon in the past and their advice has survived.

In unravelling this sticky bunch, I made mention of said friends and hinted at other associations from the past and currently forming. I made short work of this pseudo elitist nest.

Twas then I was unceremoniously dumped after there were several refs to me being the aforementioned 'vulture'.

Sticks and stones etc is my only reply in absentia.

Typical of culprits. It's the old point the finger routine. Collectivists do it all the time. The mentally unbalanced blame others among other tactics.

Vultures. They live off carrion. Rot. Nothing fresh about them. It's the same old same old.

Nature takes its course.

Wonderful memories of old friends now gone are not dead. They live forever.

Love lives forever.

Nature will take its course and vultures will die or move on.

So keep on the move and stay alive -s-.


teacher said...

Turkeys. Vultures. Anymore?

Mike H said...

Yes. -s-

Cary Black said...

Give em the bird.