Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There are plenty of chickens to go around.

Whether you eat meat or not, chickens are everywhere.

They are dull birds, who are so stupid they look up at the rain and drown. The same behavior has been noted in domesticated turkeys. These animals have many individual traits bred out and are comfortable in their pecking order in the flock.

However, they can be aggressive and mean tempered if agitated, belying their seemingly docile nature. They just don't like to be challenged.

In spite of that, they go to great lengths to avoid conflict, except for certain ones who apparently are bred to fight for seemingly no reason except to maintain the brood.

You get my meaning and I won't insult your intelligence with explanation.

Real ones have definite behavior patterns, can be food or pets and a few have pecked themselves to death.

Running from a fight or fighting badly for no good reason get them led to the slaughter.

Conversely, symbolically, roosters are symbols of heroism and being resolute.

No comments but there is an erect one at the top of the St. Clair clan crest.

So, chickens are useful if they think for tehmselves and take a stand.

Cluck on that lol.

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kava said...

Pluck a duck?