Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A cityscape can look very attractive. And it is good to put your best foot forward. As long as it isn't a coverup.

Now I'm not getting into the whole urban blight (A coverup term itself) thing. But if I'm moving someplace, such as in my case Los Angeles (The belly of the beast lol), I'm checkin' out the WHOLE enchilada.

I've been looking at the LA and beyond area warts and all. Then again I don't fall for pr from the chamber of commerce. Again, it's good to see the fine points of anything. But if you don't encompass the whole situation then you cheat yoruself.

I love LA and yeah the Randy Newman song lol. But there is a collision course or pressure cooker with illegals, gangs and crime in general that is leading to catastrophe.

I should write again about illegals. Acapulco Joe comes to mind when I think of people who come here for the proverbial American dream.

I'll save that for another time.

On the same theme, ever look at celebrities? I do as part of my work as well as admiring certain actors (Especially female -s-) etc.

Check out closeups. You will notice they all have bumps and pores. That smooth sexy look is called airbrushing. I can't conceive of them doing that to me lol. Well maybe a little but no bikinis nor nudity.

We are human. And while it's no sin to put our best foot forward, it's a mistake to overemphasize. Just the same, it is stupidity to project the dirty and bereft always.

How bout realizing we are works in progress and, not settling for anything, we work towards getting it right?

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