Friday, August 26, 2011

Sex Bombs

Kind of a companion piece to Brats.

Sex is traded in Hollyweird. Well then again it is everywhere.

I'm speaking only about behavior. Good or bad isn't necessarily relative. For the purpose of this post, we have it as is.

Too many people use sex instead of it being part of life.

The casting couch exists. I've escaped it so far lol. And people are sometimes used as if they were pieces of meat.

My way of looking at it is to rise above it. Make sure your base is secure and have a backup complete with money. Be careful with whom you associate and have your own mind.

They call it show business for a reason. It's remarkably like other work except for the type of product and return.

Many people are unaffected and though there is glam on one end, folks can be down to earth.

Some do not grow up as in maturity being stunted. I'm not talking about healthy childlike qualities such as spontaneity. I'm talking about the ability to make sound judgment is stunted.

Depends on the person. And it depends one who is around you.

It's that selfgovernment thing again. It extends to what we have set up in our Republic.

Start with self and build.


kava said...

Never hit on? -s-

Mike H said...

I've been hit on. All I'm sayin' -s-