Sunday, August 21, 2011


Sharing is more than a catch word.

Whether times are tough (they ripen towards it) or easier, pooling at least some resources is wise.

It's not socialism, though some would try to paint it with a broad brush. Heaven forbid people would participate and actually share what they have as a group!

James Wesley, Rawles' novel Patriots is a good example. A group of friends decide on a place to retreat and live by pooling their resources. It worked. And it can in real life.

There are people all over grouping together and going in on not just supplies, but actually everything to withstand impending economic crisis and any catastrophe including civil war.

As a result the state is passing hoarding laws making it supposedly illegal to have large quantities of food and supplies. This indicates they are afraid of such organization, that it is effective.

Circumvent them and check out It's a good start.

Seek out like minded folks. There are scads around Sipsey Street and War On Guns and Western Rifle Shooters etc.

Co-op. Because no man is an island -s-.

And it's kinda hard to learn everything on your own.

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Back scratching 101.