Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yes it has an 'e' for the plural. Funny how the simple things trip us up. I suppose people grasping at straws search for any faux pas they can find. Besides when it comes to political character assassination, it's often a clownesque daisy chain.

Anyway, I'm thinking of potatoes' versatility. You can do so much with them.

I got to thinking about them while watching Defiance, the movie about the Bielski Brother Otriad. Not only the home brew potato vodka, but a staple of their meager diet was potato soup. Determination to survive, prevail kept them going as well as potatoes.

Potatoes go with everything. Everyone consumes them to one degree or another. Of course, there are healthier ways to fix them than others. I won't make this a cookbook.

With ingenuity, we can take something common and create great adaptability.

In the times ahead, I hope people who enjoy luxury can learn to live with less and make it work.

We don't have to be emaciated have nots. We can and at least some of us will make a situation work with seemingly little.

I suggest you brook no delay and get at it.

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teacher said...

We could use a diet many of us -s-.