Monday, August 22, 2011

Riding The Storm

All the natural disasters have tongues wagging.

There have been scads of natural disasters lately. Then again there always have.

There are always reasons given, from the bizarre to the natural, for everything to earthquakes to tsunamis.

There are many responses after such events. And excuses or solutions are given.

Good environment or bad, selfishness, greed in some stripe on both of the usual suspects ie right or left.

I'm not here to extrapolate. You can surf the net and see for yourself.

Finding solutions is important. We must seek them.

Whatever the cause, and there is plenty of natural disaster, when it happens, what are we to do?

Recently a stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair. Whatever the reaso, again, people rushed to help. They weathered the storm and the pain.

Riding the storm is a serious choice.

What to do, when and how.

We must apply ourselves and learn to do what we must.

Is this vague?

Endurance during an event will determine what we are capable of later.

Hang in and hold on.


Anonymous said...

Riding the storm out. Then we recover, prepare and when the storm breaks again, we act.

Sebby said...

Prepartion and learning is important. Look around you.