Monday, August 15, 2011

A Cut Below

I had surgery to remove a fist sized lipoma (nonmalignant fatty tumor) that was pressing on my colon.

This was on 7/27. Right Laparoscopic Hemicolectomy is the med name. What a mouthful! Or in my case, quite a bowelful. Whew! Ugh!

I came out of anesthesia fairly fast. I'd had an epidural. Great staff from the nurses orderlies and docs, including a lovely resident learning her trade with the 'knockout drops'.

Being abdominal surgery, there was a bit of embarrassing adventure in my hospital room. Suffice it to say the postop nurses were terrific and I was at ease as I oozed.

You may think TMI, but I'm just telling you the experience was actually good.

Not only were the lovely skilled nurses exceptional, they let me be though I was tended to with TLC.

It gave me a few days to simply begin healing. My kids and my ex visited. Otherwise, I was away from it all. I had time to think.

As I started to knit, I also took time to sort out what I was doing in many aspects. It was as if I were in a 'safehouse' and concentrated mostly on healing while I reviewed where I was at in life.

I thought about my goals and started putting them in order.

I'm happy with the results.

This included everything from working for Freedom, to my kids, to my writing etc.

I reaffirmed that I would use my time, whatever time I still had and do what I could. I resolved not to let my actions back up and plug the pipes.

I realized that once back outside, I'd be assailed with the cares of the world/life. And I am meeting those head on, not as perturbed as I used to be.

Hey, I'll still get cussin and discussin. but, I'm not going to blow a gasket.

It's time for the troublemakers to do that -s-.

I also was cognizant that my aches and pains were little in comparison to many a person at the hospital, let alone the world. No bitching and moaning. Just resolve to do what I can.

And it impressed upon me the many who have sacrificed all, leaving kids to be raised without them, other loved ones and friends without them.

I am not afraid to die when it's time. And I am not afraid to live while I have time.

Yet I asked God to let me do what I can with what I have.

I am profoundly grateful to be here.

I hope I make good use of it.

I'm here for a reason.

Let it be for the right reasons and for the Light!


teacher said...

Troublemakers as in the fools and villains who seek to destroy Freedom?

Mike H said...

Yep. Not the good troublemakers like Vanderboegh Codrea and the lot -s-.