Thursday, August 25, 2011


Some of the kids in Hollyweird handle fame/success better than others.

I'm not here to name names, I'm not a sensationalist preying on the curiosity of the masses. Guess you could say I'm interested in what makes people tick. Sure I'm planning to get that PhD in Clinical Psych. But, I believe many of us share that curiosity.

Is it important to understand? Yes. On the other hand, over psychologizing is a maze like trap.

Most of the kids get fairly rapid success. That means for them big bucks. to the truly wealthy, it's a spit in the ocean. Learning how to deal with all the trappings some fall off a cliff. they are overwhelmed.

Drugs booze general decadence suck them in as they realize they can, in their world, get just about anything they want.

What would you do if you received huge salaries for your work? How would you handle it?

I hope I find out -s-.

Some of the kids do well. It's a matter of having a head on your shoulders and getting good people round you. They earn the money, they should do as they see fit. I'm all for a little free spirit capitolism.

Debate if you want the sometimes obscene bucks trundled round Hollyweird. It's hard to keep principles and not sell out.

Some of us try and succeed.

When I have the money, I will help people help themselves and for a number of reasons/causes.

I make no promises I cannot keep.

Some of the H-kids should be spanked. some think for themselves.

Self government works that way at all levels isn't it?

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kava said...

Aloha. You will. -s-