Monday, August 22, 2011

Strip Club

S and I had painted a long morning.

We had hoped to quit early just to complete a job that had been complicated just for the tones of paint and the way they were applied. S was that kind of craftsman. But, the job seemed to have other plans, at least the people who commissioned him. Swirling two tone came to mind. There was papering too. It's an exact craft to line it up and syncratize patterns and colors.

S aimed to please. He had built his business and craft on being precise and reliable.

He taught me discipline re a job well done.

Working all night, we were nearly dizzy the next morning. Yet, we completed what I would call a work of art, a job well done and a place someone called home.

Light headed from lack of sleep, we adjourned to a nearby doughnut shop.

I can't remember what it was, but we were so gassed out by lack of sleep, that we exchanged some remark and before you knew it, we were both laughing so hard that we fell off our stools, lol.

This was a time of almost nonstop work for him and especially me.

I was taking 20 credit hours a semester and working 4 jobs.

Busy aint got it.

Yet, I managed to have a social life and S and I would often go unwind after work.

He was one of the most precise people I ever knew, without being anal -s-.

We usually hit one of several bars for a few beers or drinks, but occasionally we would segue to a strip club.

Strip clubs, or 'titty bars' in the vernacular have never been my cup of tea. I just never saw the fun of watching some gal flip and flop, usually badly to some rock tune set in cheesy surroundings.

Sure, there are some 'classier' joints and the amusing designation 'club' is often attached.

And I have met some drop dead gorgeous girls who dance and then with some skill and sensuality. It's a hard way to make a living, but some ladies do alright. And more than a few are working hard and remarkably in control of themselves. But, many are not. I don't dig hitting up bikers' old ladies.

To be fair, the bars offer a service to lonely guys (Even filtering out the pervs) most of whom are just looking for diversion and some relief.

Lest you think I'm holier than thou, and in spite of some of the negatives, I say to each his own.

Strange topic for this Freedom blog huh?

I've become noted for some of my seemingly outre stuff here.

I never went to one except at the behest of a friend.

It's strength in numbers or misery loves company lol.

Don't be surprised who you meet. Content of character prevails over position etc.
Turning up one's nose can isolate and make you shallow. So shallow you might dry up and blow away.

Be yourself and learn from others. The surprise might be just that


teacher said...

A tribute and a comment!

Mike H said...

I miss S.

Jay21 said...

Loved those places when i was younger. As i approached my 30's i realized i am becoming the creepy guy looking at girls 10-12 years younger. As i approach 40 would not go. I have known a ton of these girls and when I went they were all "working their way through college." About 40% were great ladies, 20% i would not pi** on if they were on fire. The balance were your average person with daddy issues.

Mike H said...

Knew a girl who was a Psych major at Butler. She became a counselor and businesswoman. Yep have known a few dancers.
Good point is that it's a job and dancing doesn't necessarily mean slut -s-.