Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mob Rule

Lotta stuff about flash mobs these days. It's an old commie tactic.

Swarm in, loot and swarm out.

Works well in England and some other places infested with lack of Freedom, overwhelming entitlement babies and quick fix solutions that only increase societal bleeding.

The French and Russian revolutions come to mind among others. The brouhaha in Lybia is a current example as was the Iranian takeover in the late 70's. Come to think of it, Mao's murderous tirade in the 40's and the rape of Tibet are right up there. History is filled with mob rule.

In this case, society has been long time prepared, in the name of safety and that crappy bland word progress for the Zerglings (from hive monster in Starcraft, a popular game my son played)to ravenously ssaturate and literally destroy from within.

Democracy, mob rule was the purported objective in many of the previous maneuvers for control. We know how it works. I'm including all you leftist (democratic socialists included-you know who you are)mokes and all the socalled right wingers.

An aside: The left and the right are more similar than ever. The results are more collectivism for all. This will be obvious to many who pass by here. Just mentioning it since people are still trying to rely on the old dynamic while Rome burns. Or they are forestalling the inevitable by failing to restore the Republic.

There is a tendency for some to run screaming. Others want more social salve. But even in England and in France where their patriot Brigitte Bardot has warned of the jihadists, people are saying 'enough'.

Will that be enough? No. It will take action, as it is here, and for europe I don't know. They need a major revision. I told one of my clan cousins in London long ago they need to ditch the queen aka no more titular head no more homage, and get a Constitution and Bill of Rights. That went over like a turd in a punchbowl.

Our responsibility is to ourselves though I hope some day the world is truly Free.

Captain Obvious here. We must remain armed. We must stop the madness.

It's risky and might well lead to civil war. I hate to see it but what price is Freedom?

Stand fast and don't let the mob overrun you.

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eric said...

I hate crowds.