Friday, November 11, 2011


I was channel hopping on Veteran's Day and happened on The Longest Day.

Near the beginning, a pastiche of historical pieces meant to build to the D-Day invasion, there is a scene in a French village church.

The priest is preaching about long suffering, not giving up, that deliverance was coming. The double meaning is obvious.

And similarly, things today are the same. The shroud of tyranny has slowly drawn itself over the bright land of Freedom. Death is nigh.

But Halloween is over. All Saints Day rose and set. Time marches on.

Then will deliverance come? Is it at hand as it was 6/6/44?

If it is, it will be the same in that nothing just goes poof and it's there or poof, it's gone. It all takes time And more.

It takes effort.

What's ahead is a long road of deliverance. All the ups and downs will accompany it.

Blood, sweat and tears, the pain and horror of removing what has taken Freedom's place is at hand.

My only point is know words and what they mean, what is behind them.

Deliverance is a beautiful word.

It will be a beautiful result.

After the pain comes healing. After the darkness comes the dawn.

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kava said...

Just ask a mother.